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03 Aug

Why offering Operationnal Consulting

This story is purely imaginary.

To avoid this story to happen..

PLASTI-XXXX, based in Lorraine, is a French company that manufactures plastic bags for the food industry. Its business is growing well mainly with its key customer FOOD-YYY * Intl that represents 60% of its market.

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03 Aug

Butterfly Effect

This story has been entirely invented, any resemblance to companies, events, facts, or persons living or dead is purely accidental. Names used in the story have been invented.

POLYADDITIX Company based in Vendée in France, is a former subsidiary of a large international group that manufactures additives and dyes for the industry and for industrial adhesives and resins for flooring.

POLYADDITIX works with many distributors in France. POLYADDITIX additives and dyes are added at the last moment in the resins before their applications.

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