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Historical skills of Chem-In-EXPERTISES Firm


Chem-In EXPERTISES firm has extensive experience in the treatment of problems encountered in the automotive world: Accident, fire, personnnal vehicles, trucks, trailers, construction and agricultural engines ...

Our specialist are working closely with your team to meet the requirements of the case.

Chem-In-EXPERTISES provides you with technical, legal and financial skills up to the resolution of the case that you gave us.

Fields Of Expertise in Automotive


  • Cars, Trucks, Farm, EquipmentsTrick, civil engineering
  • Accident Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engine Corrosion
  • Mechanical Fire
  • Analysis of broken mechanical parts
  • On Board Systems
  • Brakes, steering, engine, gearbox and airbags
  • Drivelines

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