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Food Industry Sector

Historical skills of Chem-In-EXPERTISES


Food industry professionals are subject to numerous health and regulatory obligations, quality, traceability and food safety.

Chem-In EXPERTISES firm handles food issues management, from "the food producer to the consumer's plate": Fertilizers, phytosanitary treatments, performance loss, film and packaging trays, organoleptic deviations, wine, dairy products ...

Our specialist are working closely with your team to meet the requirements of the case.

Chem-In-EXPERTISES provides you with technical, legal and financial skills up to the resolution of the case that you gave us.

Fields Of Expertise in Food Industry


  • Agriculture
  • Fertilizers
  • Phytosanitary treatments
  • Growing issues

Food Industry / Biology

  • Food Industry / Biology
  • Microbiology, Bacteriology
  • Pests
  • Organoleptic deviations
  • Wine
  • Milk, dairy products
  • Milling, cereal industries
  • Packaging

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